Guide to Make Gold with Tera Priest

Tera Priest
Tera Priest is a Cloth Armor Healer, who speaks softly and carries a big stick. However unlike other games, you’re not limited to healing and bopping enemies with that stick. Even solo, you have the ability to harm as well as hurt. You can pelt enemies with a variety of Spells, Blasts, and Shockwaves, becoming almost a short-range Sorcerer.

And, since your first Spell is a self-Heal, you can engage in Tanking, of a sort, by Healing yourself as you trade shots with an enemy. Once you get Spells that Heal OTHER players, you’ll be highly sought-after for Parties, especially for Instances. Remember, though, your Healing Spells are based on your crosshairs just as your harmful Spells are, and it’s hard to heal a moving target, especially the bouncy Warriors. Healing and short-range fire-support, what’s not to like?

Because of the support nature, it’s quite hard to make Tera gold with this priest class. This gold making article should give you an idea how to make TERA Gold easy and efficiently in the game rather than grinding for hours!

If you have any tips and tricks which you believe will be beneficial for an overall effective gold gathering gameplay, leave it in the comment.

tera sorcerer casting ice spell

Play a Sorcerer Alt

The best thing I can tell you on Gold-making is: Roll a Sorcerer alt. Unlike priest skills focusing on support and healing, Sorcerers are AOE MONSTERS and Level pretty fast. They use the same equipment as Priests, which means you can Bank it and give it to yourself. More importantly, they are LESS gear dependent than most Classes. But again, the most important part about Sorcerer is simply its AOE attacks. You can wipe out Mass Quantities of monsters and get Mass Quantities of MONEY!

One way to SAVE money is to only delve into Alchemy Crafting. Crafting in this game is an enormous money-sink, but everyone needs Scrolls and Potions, eventually, especially Potions. You should try to make the ones that regenerate a percentage of HP/Mana, instead of the ones that regenerate a flat amount, as those sell for more. If you think ahead, you can “cheat” and Bank the ones from Noob Island, and have your higher Level characters sell them in the Brokerage for quite a bit.

Dawnhide: Best Location for Gold Making

Dawnhide is the biggest way to make money in this game. It is raw Leather, dropped by enemies Level 1-30 that the game considers “Beasts”. Anything from Noruks on Noob Island to Centaurs (I TOLD you those were good to farm!) in the Fey Forest, to Sabertooths (All breeds&variants), to Devans, to Lokians. Dawnhide is the rarest drop in the game, and since Leather Crafting requires Mass Quantities of it to Level the Skill, it’s literally worth its weight in Gold! Some of the more insane roleplayers will protest that Devans aren’t animals, and you shouldn’t be hunting them for their hides, but once you have the Leather and they want it, they’ll hold their noses and open their wallets!

You/your Sorcerer Alt WILL quickly out-Level the 1-30 “window” for Harvesting Dawnhide, but that’s OK, you can always make more alts, up to 8 characters per Server. You can also engage in a variant of “save-scumming”. Namely, have ONE of your Sorcerer Alts go all the way to 60, but your second Sorcerer, as soon as it hits 30, Bank all the loot you can, sell or Extract the loot you cannot store in Bank, bank the money and materials that result, then delete it and reroll. Also, all your characters on one Server can funnel Dawnhide to your main through the Bank, which will help, since it IS so rare!

Tera Bank

Bank Items

Another way to save money is to Bank items that your other characters want/need, instead of using Parcel Post. Banking is free, Parcel Post costs money, and you have to visit the same NPC either way! Hope this Tera priest guide helps you!

TERA Online Priest Guide by Killer Guides



Finding a suitable guide which meets your expectations is a difficult thing to do; almost too similar on going on a quest unsure of what you may find. There’s a lot of guides online out to help you but which guide fits the bill? Locating a guide website called KillerGuides,they are a game guide producing company (I think). Killer Guides covers a lot of hit titles such as Final Fantasy to War of Warcraft and most recently Star Wars: The Old Republic. Killer Guides has a TERA Online category now available. Since I’m playing the TERA Priest, I wanted to know everything about the Priest. I wasn’t struggling with the game but I rather avoid struggling and progress at a quick rate to the level cap. Since Killer Guides guaranteed that I should hit the level cap within 7 days with my Priest, I took on the challenge.

Upon purchasing the guide for $29.99 USD, I was able to instantly download the product. The guide comes with over 10 chapters of information relating to the TERA Priest. First of all, I headed immediately to the leveling section. Within the section, the author describes how to efficiently level within a short span of time. The author did not write ‘go around and kill x monster to receive y loot’. In fact, the author went into much more detail than mere descriptions. The author (who is a genius by the way) instructed, through specific instructions, how to farm the monster for its precious loot. The author then proceeded to instruct me which skill rotations are recommended for improved gameplay. I followed each and every step observing a drastic change in the way I gamed.

Usually in other MMORPG titles, I would run around and do every quest on sight hoping monsters or quest rewards would yield useful loot. I would grind for hours ignoring the fact my process was very slow. However, the guide took this a step further; instead of wasting precious gameplay time, the guide instructed me specifically where to go and what to expect. My Priest may be a healer class but with effective skill rotations, monsters were slain one by one or in big mobs. I did this all on my own and not with the help of tanks. PvE became much easier to manage once I learned specific strategies. Equipment wise, I was surprised in the sense, the guide instructed me which materials were required to craft better gear; gear which contained higher stats than regular purchased gear. Following strict instructions, I finally obtained epic gear! I won’t tell you its name since it’s a surprise! I could tell you but because the guide is a single user license, I can’t spill the beans.

How do I like the guide presented by Killer Guides? Outstanding.  Not only did the guide recommend excellent tips, the guide continued to further engage me with its content therefore, I’m a highly satisfied customer. The ‘cream of the crop’ can be described by Killer Guides releasing new updates whenever the game receives a new patch. The guides are updated with new info which customers, such as I, receive free of charge. It’s great! I strongly–no, highly recommend this guide for you if you’re aiming to be one of the best TERA Priest in the world of Arborea.

Also, Killer Guides offers a great deal about their guides. If you are interested in purchasing all of TERA Online walkthroughts, I recommend the TERA Online bundle which contains the following: 8 defined TERA classes, 1 strategy guide and 1 gold guide at the price of $79.99 USD.

TERA Priest Spells and Glyphs Explained

Here’s introduction to TERA priest spells and glyph. More contents about TERA Priest could be read at, from their TERA Priest skills walkthrough.

Hey guys, in this post I will be going over Tera Priest skills. How to use them and some of their glyphs. I should probably mention that my experience as a priest is limited, but I’ve seen a lot of good ones and how they carry themselves in both PVP and PVE. So let’s get started.

tera priest skill list

First, let’s go over the starting abilities you’ll get as a priest. Your first ability and your basic attack is called Divine Radiance. The first thing you want to know about Divine Radiance is that unlike other classes, a priest’s basic attack does not restore mana, nor does it cost mana. This is simply a filler ability which can quickly be phased out as you learn more abilities later on. One cool trick to note with this attack though, is that you can easily move backwards between casts, allowing for easy kiting as long as you aim properly and hold down a spell with your “S” key. The second starting ability you’ll get is called Heal Thyself. It’s a pretty self-explanatory name that’s important to making gold as tera priest. This heal starts off small but it remains the best heal for yourself throughout the game. As you level up and get more heals, you’ll start to notice that a lot of your heals can’t heal you while you are healing teammates, and in some cases they just simply won’t. This heal has a short cool down and a short cast time, making it an ideal way to heal yourself in PPP and PVE encounters if you find yourself taking damage. I should probably mention that this heal will not save you at higher levels. Get hitting as a priest on high level Dungeons will in most cases result in you getting one shot. I’ll go over survivability more later though.

tera priest skill heal thyself

Third ability you get is called Jump Back. This ability isn’t really worth mentioning much as it is something that all range players get. It does exactly like the name says, it makes you jump back. If you face opposite the direction you are running, you can use it as a slight movement boost or use it to get away from enemies. You’ll get a better skill for this later on though. The first ability that a trainer will teach you is called Mana Infusion. This is your mana regenability. It’s worth mentioning that like Jump Back, this ability isn’t limited to priests. This ability is a good way to regen mana at early levels, but it’s tricky to use and later on you’ll get a spell that does this job better. The most important thing to remember about this spell is that it’s only effective while you’re not casting. You can run around, but that’s about it, meaning that if you cast this, you cannot cast any heals on your party members while you are regening in group situations. It’s a good idea to inform your party members when you need to regen so they know to back off and not take damage for a few seconds. If memory serves me right, the Tera Mystic skills also include the jump back skill.

As a healer it’s very important to communicate with your tank. In some cases, your tank may need to lower his shield often in order to help with damage immobility. Simply telling your tank that you need him to not take damage can make a huge difference as a good lancer can react to this by making sure he takes no damage just by stopping everything he’s doing and blocking while you are regening your mana.

The fourth ability, and the second one you’ll learn from a trainer, is called Metamorphic Blast. This is your main damage ability and you’ll use it all through leveling. The range on this attack is small but it does a lot of damage and has a very small mana cost and short cool down. At lower levels you should be sparing this ability while soloing, but it isn’t a good idea to try and run in against bands and use it to add to your group’s DPS, because if you accidentally get caught you’ll end up taking a lot of damage and possibly dying. Later on it’s going to be very tempting as a priest to help your group with DPS in situations where your group is so good that they barely need heals, and in cases like this, there are abilities you can use to help do damage but this isn’t one of them. I’ll go over those abilities as they come up. Another thing to note about Metamorphic Blast is that it can hit the same enemy twice if you’re close enough to it. It hits for a small amount for enemies really close to you then it hits again for a larger amount on enemies that are a bit distant, meaning if you get right up in the mob’s face, it will do extra damage. Most damage would be more effective however if you were in a good party with the right complementing classes like the Tera Lancer or the Tera Warrior

TERA Priest Spells and Glyphs Explained II

Here’s introduction to TERA priest spells and glyph. More contents about TERA Priest could be read at, from their TERA Priest leveling e-book.
The next ability you will learn is called Triple Nemesis. It’s a fitting name because it’s a three-pronged attack. This is a long-range attack that does decent damage, with the third hit doing significantly more damage than the first two. This ability is good to use on a boss when you want to add to your group’s DPS because of the range, but be aware when and when you shouldn’t put yourself in a combat stance. Combat stancing is something you enter automatically when you engage in combat with a mob by attacking it or being hit. This slows your movement speed significantly, but as a healer you can stay out of combat stance if you just stick to casting heals. What this means for you is that when you make the decision to help your group in damage dealing, you must factor in the fact that you’ll be losing movement speed, so only DPS when your group is doing well and not taking any damage. One last thing to mention about Triple Nemesis is that in order to use all three attacks, you can’t use any other spells in between each cast of it or you’ll have to wait for the cool down to reset.

The next ability you get is called Fiery Escape. This is your main escape ability and you’ll find yourself using it way more than the Jump Back ability I mentioned earlier. On top of doing damage, this ability makes you move back further and slows your opponent making it harder for them to re-engage you. It can also be used like Jump Back as a movement speed boost if are using it while running backwards.

tera priest skills fiery escape

The next ability is called Restorative Burst. This is the first of the two real healing spells you’ll get. This spell will always cast ten meters ahead of where you are standing, but aiming it isn’t too important as long as your group knows how it works. Once you drop down the circle, anyone who runs through it can benefit from it’s healing, including yourself. Running through the circle will put a heal over time on you and any other party members who run through it while it lasts. Another small thing is that casting this spell will put a five second cool down on your biggest heal, which I’ll go over later on.

restorative burst tera priest

The second heal you get will be your main heal in most situations called Focus Heal (this skill is great for weaker classes in terms of health like the Tera Archer, Tera Sorcerer or Tera Slayer). This is a lock-on spell, meaning you have to do a bit of aiming and it can be tricky to lock on the right person if your party members are all grouped up. But the benefit to this heal is that it requires no positioning or awareness by your teammates. Just use the spell, mouse over the people you want to heal and then click it, without having to worry about running into mobs to heal them or for them staying still.

tera priest focus heal

Your ninth ability is a spell called Final Reprisal, or Reprisal or whatever. Who cares? It’s your best damage skill in your arsenal. This spell does close range damage so it isn’t viable on bans, but soloing it does a lot of damage and it will be your main source of damage when you’re by yourself. It has a long cast time, but the cast time can be removed by chaining it with Triple Nemesis or an ability I’ll go over later on. When chaining this skill with Triple Nemesis, it’s important to note that if you cast Final Reprisal too quickly after you cast your third Triple Nemesis, the third Triple Nemesis will not hit and you will lose out on a lot damage. Another thing worth mentioning about Final Reprisal is that it has a glyphgl that gives it a 40% chance to reset its cool down. This glyph is amazing for leveling as it will sometimes allow you to spam this ability for tons of damage.

final reprisal

Mana Charge is the tenth ability you will get and this will be your main source of mana regen. This is a charge ability so the longer you hold down the button for the spell, the more mana you will ultimately get back. You can also move while charging and it has a relatively short cool down. This ability also has a glyph where it restores mana to your party members when you use it and it’s a really good idea to get this gliff because it will help your party members immensely.

tera priest skills

On a lighter note, anyone playing a Baraka Priest? LOL!


TERA Priest Spells and Glyphs Explained III

Here’s introduction to TERA priest spells and glyph. More contents about TERA Priest could be read at, from their TERA Priest advanced walkthrough.

Shocking Implosionis your last main damage ability. It’s your hardest hitting and it looks bad ass. Once you get this spell, you’ll want to start using it to combo with Final Reprisal rather than Triple Nemesis when soloing because it also removes the cast time of Final Reprisal just like Triple Nemesis does, but does more damage. Next up is the priest’s form of CC, Lullaby. This is essentially a sleep skill and it has tons of uses in both PVE and PVP. You can use it to save your teammates in PVE and in a lot of fights you can make or break a battle. The down side to this spell is that it’s often resistant or misses and has a semi-long cool down.

The next two abilities go together really well. The first of the two is called tera priest purifying circlePurifying Circle. This is essentially a giant dispell that will work on everybody in the circle. You can tell when teammates are de-buffed, because their health bars and icons will turn purple in your interface. If you see someone de-buffed, you should try to dispell them ASAP. After the dispell comes tera priest regenerating windRegenerating Wind. This is a giant version of the earlier regen spell with a few differences.

First, the circle doesn’t stay on the ground so if you want people to get this heal, they’ll have to be in it when you cast it. Second, this ability chains out of your dispell because your dispell and this heal have the same circle size and cast style. It’s usually a good idea to use one after the other. Next up is your Resurrection Spell, and not a moment too soon. You’ll learn this skill around level 20 and it will allow you to bring up fallen allies. Note that being hit interrupts casting this. Other classes can res using scrolls but they have a long cool down, whereas a healer’s res has a short cool down. So the only time you should let other players in your group res is when you are the one that’s dead. Two quick notes to take with your Resurrection Spell is that in order for them to get res, they have to have to be in the circle. Another thing to note is that you can res two people at a time if they somehow die on top of each other.

tera priest baraka

The 17th spell you’ll get is called Summon Party and it does just that. It summons all of your party members to you. This is a useful spell to get people where you need to be as long as you are where you need to be. This spell works great when you’re on a quest and want to summon a Tera Berserker party member to come kill for you. It also changes the channel to match yours but it’s important to note that this will only summon people if they are in the same zone as you. It doesn’t work across continents or the world and it doesn’t work inside to outside of Dungeons. Your 18th spell is called Arise. This spell is very tricky to use because all classes inherently have a spell that lets them get back up after they’re knocked down. This spell lets anybody who’s near you get back up instantly and doubles their knock down resistance to 5 seconds. The main applications of this are in PVP when you see teammates getting knocked down repeatedly. Not only will this skill bring them back up, but it will make them resistant to being knocked back down again for a short duration. You can’t use this on yourself when you’re knocked down. But if you think you’re going to be knocked down, cast this for the knockdown resistance buff.

Next up is Plague of Exhaustion. This is another lock on skill that does a bit of damage. But the biggest use of this spell is its ability to remove all buffs from anyone you cast it on. This is amazing for a moving buff to shield it cool down using players during PVP matches. It also has a few applications in PVE but it’s main functions are for buff removal. 20th spell, and finally is your main, gigantic heal spell. It heals the most out of all your heal spells, but it’s a bit trickier to use. First you should note that casting Regenerative Burst will put a 5-second cool down on this spell so they can’t be cast one after another. Second, this heal requires your target to be very close to you so it’s ideally used to heal the DPS, but in order to use this on a lancer, you have to run right into the mob. Only use this big heal on a lancer when the lancer’s health starts to get very low and prepare yourself to use an escape to get back out, once you get in and heal.

Next up is a spell called Homeward Bound. It will teleport you and your party members to the nearest campfire. When it says nearest campfire though, it literally means nearest campfire, not nearest camp, though sometimes this changes based off of what campfires your client is aware of. Overall you’re better off just using scrolls to get around than relying on this spell to get where you need to go. I’ve skipped over a few more buff skills for now, so we’ll be jumping right into the 25th ability you’ll learn. The last few abilities you learn as a priest are your most important and extremely good if used correctly.

The first of them is called Prayer of Peace. This ability is essentially an agro drop and an O ship button for groups. It has a long cool down but you’ll find yourself using it a lot in groups because of the high amount of threat that healing generates in this game. One of the very first things you’ll want to learn when you start healing in Terra, is not to overheal or heal before your time. Even having Heal Over Time on your party members when they don’t need it is simply asking for it. Watching their agro is something you must learn to do as a healer. This only gets worse as you get higher level because healers start to get natural agro once they hit level 50 and above.

tera priest skill list

The next ability is a very strong ability called Energy Stars. You’ll want to use this on cool down in groups. It’s a lock on skill that you use that does damage and buffs everybody near the target you hit. What makes this ability so good is that it doesn’t put you in a combat stance, meaning you can keep running at full speed while using this ability and healing your group. Whenever you find yourself bored because your group isn’t taking damage, this should be the first ability you use. The 27th ability is called Kaya’s Shield. I don’t know who Kaya is, but her shield is pretty awesome. This shield automatically shields all party members near you absorbing a lot of damage for 12 seconds. The big thing about this shield, though, is that while it is up, it cannot be stunned or knocked down, making it amazing for O Ship PVE situations and even more amazing for PVP to protect teammates that need to escape a melee train. These last 2 spells are very PVP oriented but they are what make priests, priests. First of them is Guardian Sanctuary. This spell is incredible, firstly because it reduces incoming range damage by 30% and second because it makes you immune to all debuffs and stuns. The really overpowered part about this ability is that it has a 60 second cool down but it lasts 30 seconds, meaning you can keep it up for 50% of the time. This spell makes priests very hard to kill because it allows them to kite melee without getting snared and take less damage from range to damage.

The last spell you learn is essentially a get out of jail free card. This spell, coupled with the last spell you learned are essentially why priests are the preferred healers for PVP. Because all of your healing spells are affected by stats on your gear, this spell may initially look weak, but one cast of this and you’ll go from nearly dead to full health. The only downside is that this spell has a long cool down so be sure to use it wisely. Also worth noting, is that you can cast this while moving. As a final section, I’ll briefly go over priest buffs. Priests have a ton of buffs from speed boosts, endurance boosts, strength, resistance or health regen. Always make sure you cast these buffs on your teammates when around the campfire at the start of a dungeon when they’re grouped up, and keep these buffs on your party members at all times. The neatest of these buffs is your regen, because you can cast it on a lower level player and it will allow them to solo bans without you stealing any experience. That’s all the information I have on priests.

priest logo

TERA Priest PvP Strategies

Some may think that a full support class like TERA Priests will never beat anyone in PvP. Actually, this class can win any other classes in PvP by using the right Tera strategies. A TERA Priest is a class that is very hard to kill because they can heal themselves all the time and are able to debuff all negative buffs. In addition, they also are able to use a sleep curse and cast negative buffs on their enemies. If you think that you can beat TERA Priest easily in battle, think twice, as you might be come out on the losing side.

If you want to learn more about TERA Priest, other related  information could also be found from TERA Priest guideline.

The TERA Priest: A Quick Overview

Below is an overview of TERA Priest, a supporter class from TERA Online. If you would like to know more information about this class, kindly visit TERA Priest Online strategy book.

TERA (The Exiled Realm of Arborea) will launch on May 1st, 2012. There’s a lot of buzz around the game, as it promises to be the next evolution in the MMO field. There are no factions, for example, and combat is set to be far more interactive. There are eight races and seven classes to choose from. This Tera Priest guide gives a Tera basic overview of what to expect from the class.

As with most MMOs, the Priest is a support class, designed to aid fellow group or raid members with healing and resurrection. What makes the class even better than usual, though, is the range of roles it can take up, solo or group-wise. In TERA, the Priest has more offensive capabilities, which gives them one of the widest spell sets in the game. Offensively, they can blast, burn, sear, implode, and shock their foes. After level 20, they gain glyphs to enhance their core abilities, both for healing and smiting foes. It looks like being a Priest in TERA will let you solo more effectively as well as be the linchpin of groups.

There is some argument already on the forums about the differences between TERA Priest and other tera classes. Forming a TERA Priest duo seems to be a good idea as their ranged abilities work well together especially in tera gold guide. When farming elites, for example, the Archer can pull aggro from a Priest who has gotten a heal or even damage aggro. The Priest can then buff or heal the Archer as needed. As we move through the open beta phase to launch, we’ll start to get a more detailed Tera Priest guide and a closer look at the TERA Priest dynamics.

Despite being restricted to light armor (robes) and with only staves to wield as weapons, don’t underestimate the Priest. They will be the main reason why any raid or group will be successful in the more challenging encounters. As we approach the launch date, the official Tera Priest guide posted on the Enmasse site will give even more information on updated stats and spells.

TERA Priest Guide

This article is a starting point to inform you with basic information on a priest in TERA Online, an MMORPG going to release next month. For this class advance knowledge can be found within this TERA Priest builds and strategy site.

TERA is scheduled to be released to North America on May 1st, 2012. In TERA, there are many different class options that can be played, such as Tera Priest, Tera Sorcerer, along with many others.

This TERA Priest guide is meant to inform about the roles one has to be responsible for when playing as a Priest, and also to inform about the priest and their skills. When playing as a priest in Tera, your role is to bring your allies back who are on the verge of death, and also to make your way through large hordes of enemies. To be a successful TERA Priest, you must always look after the good of your fellow allies before looking after yourself. By using a balanced amount of both attacking their enemies and healing their allies, a Priest must have great teamwork skills and use their skills for the greater good of their team. The priest is a support class, and the main item they use is a staff.

A priest is armored in cloth armor. A TERA Priest has the most extensive amount of skills that they can use. Beginning at level one, a priest has the skills “Divine Radiance,” which blasts a pulse of energy at an enemy, and “Heal Thyself,” which is a skill that restores health to yourself which is good for gold making. This move is modified by your heal bonus. As you advance in levels By reading this TERA Priest guide you can have a better understanding of the class itself and what one must need to play it.

There is a debate between whether to play as a TERA Priest or any other classes. The choice is up to the player, whoever they feel they can play best as should be the class they play, whether it be TERA Priest or anything else. After reading this online TERA guide I hope to see you playing out there with me.

TERA Priest Gameplay

Below is TERA Priest Gameplay. You can get the more advanced gaming strategies and detailed overviews over at TERA Priest full review.

Are you guys and gals having fun with the Tera CBT? For those who were not invited to the CBT, don’t be sad! There’s always beautiful gameplay! The TERA Priest class is one of the classes everybody should get their hands on; not only does the Priest class deal divine (Divine Bolt) damage to fiends and foes, the TERA Priest is capable of healing you and your comrades along with resurrecting the dead. There’s tons of abilities and skills you can use as a Priest. I find the Priest oddly funny as a curvaceous female with bikini outfits yet she’s holy! But hey, that’s me! The more variation the better!

Here’s a TERA Priest Gameplay for the curious:

TERA Priest’s Skills and Abilities

Divine metaphysical powers radiate from the TERA Priest class. They are one of only two healing classes that have the blessed ability to repair and tend to the wounds of not only themselves but their comrades as well. According to the TERA Priest guide they have the largest arsenal of Tera skills and abilities.

Along with their grace and supportive roles while within groups, make no mistake; they are also a very powerful adversary for any foe.

With their unbelievable vibrancy and stunning features alone they are a popular class, but within The Exiled Realm of Arborea they are highly sought after as well.

The Tera Priest guide highlights the fact that it is one of the quickest classes to level. The TERA Priest class is given abilities like sanctified projectiles from Light of Retribution, the penitent energy pulses from Holy explosion, and the fan-shaped mystical barriers of Curtain of Retribution. While other non-healing classes will constantly be experiencing downtime to heal and regain MP, the Tera priest can self-heal and keep on trucking. If they run low on MP, then Mana Boost will quickly recover plenty to keep the leveling pace sustained.

Many fans of the Tera priest would argue it is the better healing class because of its variety of abilities aside from all of the many mending ones. For example Shadow of Slumber casts a sphere which will put the enemies it hits to sleep or Suppression which allows the Tera priest class to get rid of excess threat and aggro.

The Paladin-like characteristics of the TERA Mystics are truly amazing as well but their healing spells and animations are much different than those conjured by TERA Priest.

The most memorable is Armor of Safeguard which miraculously bestows an AOE heal effect on to up to 5 allies which lasts ten seconds. Then there is Regenerating Wind with its stunning restorative effect and the instant heal of Healing Wind.

Players that enjoy TERA Priests are those that love being able to play multiple important roles at once but primarily takes pleasure in assisting, supporting, saving, and restoring allies. According to the TERA Priest guide they are the most desired and popular class to play and never find themselves without friends and others who would love nothing more than to group with them.
The Priest offers Tera fans plenty of the best of what this game has to offer.

Still want to know more about TERA Priest Skills and Abilities?, further details on the priest can be read at this in-depth Tera Priest review.

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