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TERA Priest Spells and Glyphs Explained III

Here’s introduction to TERA priest spells and glyph. More contents about TERA Priest could be read at, from their TERA Priest advanced walkthrough.

Shocking Implosionis your last main damage ability. It’s your hardest hitting and it looks bad ass. Once you get this spell, you’ll want to start using it to combo with Final Reprisal rather than Triple Nemesis when soloing because it also removes the cast time of Final Reprisal just like Triple Nemesis does, but does more damage. Next up is the priest’s form of CC, Lullaby. This is essentially a sleep skill and it has tons of uses in both PVE and PVP. You can use it to save your teammates in PVE and in a lot of fights you can make or break a battle. The down side to this spell is that it’s often resistant or misses and has a semi-long cool down.

The next two abilities go together really well. The first of the two is called tera priest purifying circlePurifying Circle. This is essentially a giant dispell that will work on everybody in the circle. You can tell when teammates are de-buffed, because their health bars and icons will turn purple in your interface. If you see someone de-buffed, you should try to dispell them ASAP. After the dispell comes tera priest regenerating windRegenerating Wind. This is a giant version of the earlier regen spell with a few differences.

First, the circle doesn’t stay on the ground so if you want people to get this heal, they’ll have to be in it when you cast it. Second, this ability chains out of your dispell because your dispell and this heal have the same circle size and cast style. It’s usually a good idea to use one after the other. Next up is your Resurrection Spell, and not a moment too soon. You’ll learn this skill around level 20 and it will allow you to bring up fallen allies. Note that being hit interrupts casting this. Other classes can res using scrolls but they have a long cool down, whereas a healer’s res has a short cool down. So the only time you should let other players in your group res is when you are the one that’s dead. Two quick notes to take with your Resurrection Spell is that in order for them to get res, they have to have to be in the circle. Another thing to note is that you can res two people at a time if they somehow die on top of each other.

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The 17th spell you’ll get is called Summon Party and it does just that. It summons all of your party members to you. This is a useful spell to get people where you need to be as long as you are where you need to be. This spell works great when you’re on a quest and want to summon a Tera Berserker party member to come kill for you. It also changes the channel to match yours but it’s important to note that this will only summon people if they are in the same zone as you. It doesn’t work across continents or the world and it doesn’t work inside to outside of Dungeons. Your 18th spell is called Arise. This spell is very tricky to use because all classes inherently have a spell that lets them get back up after they’re knocked down. This spell lets anybody who’s near you get back up instantly and doubles their knock down resistance to 5 seconds. The main applications of this are in PVP when you see teammates getting knocked down repeatedly. Not only will this skill bring them back up, but it will make them resistant to being knocked back down again for a short duration. You can’t use this on yourself when you’re knocked down. But if you think you’re going to be knocked down, cast this for the knockdown resistance buff.

Next up is Plague of Exhaustion. This is another lock on skill that does a bit of damage. But the biggest use of this spell is its ability to remove all buffs from anyone you cast it on. This is amazing for a moving buff to shield it cool down using players during PVP matches. It also has a few applications in PVE but it’s main functions are for buff removal. 20th spell, and finally is your main, gigantic heal spell. It heals the most out of all your heal spells, but it’s a bit trickier to use. First you should note that casting Regenerative Burst will put a 5-second cool down on this spell so they can’t be cast one after another. Second, this heal requires your target to be very close to you so it’s ideally used to heal the DPS, but in order to use this on a lancer, you have to run right into the mob. Only use this big heal on a lancer when the lancer’s health starts to get very low and prepare yourself to use an escape to get back out, once you get in and heal.

Next up is a spell called Homeward Bound. It will teleport you and your party members to the nearest campfire. When it says nearest campfire though, it literally means nearest campfire, not nearest camp, though sometimes this changes based off of what campfires your client is aware of. Overall you’re better off just using scrolls to get around than relying on this spell to get where you need to go. I’ve skipped over a few more buff skills for now, so we’ll be jumping right into the 25th ability you’ll learn. The last few abilities you learn as a priest are your most important and extremely good if used correctly.

The first of them is called Prayer of Peace. This ability is essentially an agro drop and an O ship button for groups. It has a long cool down but you’ll find yourself using it a lot in groups because of the high amount of threat that healing generates in this game. One of the very first things you’ll want to learn when you start healing in Terra, is not to overheal or heal before your time. Even having Heal Over Time on your party members when they don’t need it is simply asking for it. Watching their agro is something you must learn to do as a healer. This only gets worse as you get higher level because healers start to get natural agro once they hit level 50 and above.

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The next ability is a very strong ability called Energy Stars. You’ll want to use this on cool down in groups. It’s a lock on skill that you use that does damage and buffs everybody near the target you hit. What makes this ability so good is that it doesn’t put you in a combat stance, meaning you can keep running at full speed while using this ability and healing your group. Whenever you find yourself bored because your group isn’t taking damage, this should be the first ability you use. The 27th ability is called Kaya’s Shield. I don’t know who Kaya is, but her shield is pretty awesome. This shield automatically shields all party members near you absorbing a lot of damage for 12 seconds. The big thing about this shield, though, is that while it is up, it cannot be stunned or knocked down, making it amazing for O Ship PVE situations and even more amazing for PVP to protect teammates that need to escape a melee train. These last 2 spells are very PVP oriented but they are what make priests, priests. First of them is Guardian Sanctuary. This spell is incredible, firstly because it reduces incoming range damage by 30% and second because it makes you immune to all debuffs and stuns. The really overpowered part about this ability is that it has a 60 second cool down but it lasts 30 seconds, meaning you can keep it up for 50% of the time. This spell makes priests very hard to kill because it allows them to kite melee without getting snared and take less damage from range to damage.

The last spell you learn is essentially a get out of jail free card. This spell, coupled with the last spell you learned are essentially why priests are the preferred healers for PVP. Because all of your healing spells are affected by stats on your gear, this spell may initially look weak, but one cast of this and you’ll go from nearly dead to full health. The only downside is that this spell has a long cool down so be sure to use it wisely. Also worth noting, is that you can cast this while moving. As a final section, I’ll briefly go over priest buffs. Priests have a ton of buffs from speed boosts, endurance boosts, strength, resistance or health regen. Always make sure you cast these buffs on your teammates when around the campfire at the start of a dungeon when they’re grouped up, and keep these buffs on your party members at all times. The neatest of these buffs is your regen, because you can cast it on a lower level player and it will allow them to solo bans without you stealing any experience. That’s all the information I have on priests.

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